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… and thank-you for visiting Robson Acoustic Guitars site where I’m striving to give visitors, customers, friends and curiosity seekers a look around. We hope you enjoy the product and possibly discover something new in the art of stringed instrument making. As a Luthier, I too strive to grow and learn as an active artisan and guild member in supporting orgs, I push for the best I have to offer as a Luthier on Flat Top Steel String Guitars. I am now pursuing Archtop Jazz style, expect you’ll see some in next few months. As time progresses I will be expanding into possibly other instruments (see my bio)

Robson Guitars

I‘ve enjoyed a successful engineering career over 40 years, and now blossoming in my 2nd career of life, I build traditional 6 String flat top acoustic guitars for the very love of the art, the music, the sensuous lines and tactile feel of the guitar. Playing for 50+ years, mostly off stage, my passion for making things, woodworking and the guitar have come together with what I believe God intended, building musical instruments.

Quality And Warranty

Each Robson guitar is hand crafted from the best selected woods and materials. Each carries a life time warranty to the original owner. Treat your instrument with respect and care, and you will be rewarded with decades of happy playing; and remember, the best thing for a guitar and the owner is to play often and have fun!!