Hello! I am Peter and please allow me to introduce myself.

I am a long time hands on, guitar playin, passionate guy who loves to build guitars. I love it so much, that I spend nearly all of my spare time doing just that! I love the texture, the smell, the form, even the glue … but most of all, I love what happens … out of a pile of great tone woods comes a majestic, soulful and beautifully tactile creation that makes music … just put this in the lap of a musician and WOW! How does it get better than that!

But let me digress a bit, I am the 6th boy of 6 boys, mama had us 1 at a time over a short 7 year period, that’s right, just one big gasp of breath right in the middle. A few years later, my 1st sister (1st in 3 generations), and several years later, the caboose child, my TWIN sister, born on my 10th birthday and sharing so many traits throughout life.

My nature was to take it apart, see how it works and try to put it back together, but as in all great plans, it did not always go back together, and it seems there were always leftover parts. The story goes, when I was quite small, and we would go visit grandma on the farm in Eagle Bridge, NY, she’d see me comin, and say, dear Lord I have to put these things away before Peter gets here.

Fortunately for me, Grandma and others, more and more of those things went back together without
left over pcs. I always made room for a shop, from about age of 10 til present. I loved to make things, push carts, tree houses, bird houses, boomerangs (right out of the head board of my bed, I did),… and later engines, cars, complete overhauls … right through college. You will be surprised to know I schooled in Mechanical Engineering … 3 of the 6 boys are engineers, 1 wonderful artist, and the business minded ones. Sisters are both compassionate, loving people that enjoy life to the fullest, one nursing, and one business/artist (my Twin).

So about guitars, I played in my 1st band at 12 yrs old, we were pretty bad, but played Beatles, Rolling Stones, Dylan, and on and on. Played high school dances, battle of the bands, typical of the 60s. After college and in the working world, I played solo gigs, and later Western Swing / Jazz with a wonderful Texas Trio (5-5-6) right thru the 80’s. More workshops, projects, houses, boomerangs (USBA) and later Shave horses for my wife’s basket business.

There was a lull, I stood one evening in my best ever wood shop looking around, saying this is a great shop, but I am not doing enough with it …. Shortly after that, on one fateful day, I rec’d an email from a good friend, it was about a Guitar Building Class in North Carolina, hmmmmmm, woodworking and guitars … I immediately called and yep, 1 space left, I snatched it up. Before I got there, I needed to know more about this, and found on the web a highly recommended book (and I do recommend this), “guitarmaking” by William Cumpiano considered the Bible of Guitar Building. I devoured that during the two wks before the class … and finally, for 10 glorious days and nights, I and three other students built our 1st guitars with Gerald Anderson (Anderson Instruments). Gerald is a wonderful luthier and now friend, who builds great bluegrass / fingerpicking guitars and mandolins, he spent 25+ years learning and building with Wayne Henderson in his Rugby, VA shop, and then set up his own shop around 2005. He, Wayne and others continue to play outstanding bluegrass together, and internationally renowned instruments. (OK, back to the class.) Well, 12-14 hours most days, and on the 10th day, we finished, the class culminated in a meet and greet the community, showing our 1st efforts, followed by a concert, where each student had a chance to perform with there hours old guitar for an appreciative audience, and followed up by other exceptional musicians including Wayne Henderson and Friends (now the “4 Virginia Luthiers”). Gerald was kind enough to back me up with some great picking, and 1 other student providing vocal harmony on “Smoke-Smoke-Smoke” … and we did smoke it!

Back home, I immediately started planning, researching material, equipment to start building on my
own. It’s been over 5 years now since, and that is what I do, build guitars … my moto, “I sell guitars so that I can build them”, not the other way around. Most recently I retired as a Mech Engineer, into my 2nd full time career.

Sometimes my wife (a wonderful Basket Maker and Soap Maker in her own right) accuses me of liking to
build tooling and fixtures more than steel string guitars, although not true, I do enjoy all of these things … maybe marketing not so much, but fortunately, my customers tell me that my passion comes shining through, I think that’s a good thing?

I love process and always striving for the best way to do something, this passion and drive for detail and love of the guitar is a big part of why even my early guitars, albeit far from present, play and sound as good as they do. I am an active member in two Luthier Guilds (see home page) and local Wood Workers Guild.

If you are ever in the Greenville, SC area, please come visit my shop and pick a tune. We are located on a lovely small lake, in a rural area of Southern Greenville County in the NW part of South Carolina. Also, please contact me by website for Phone # and Email, I would love to get to know you, and who knows, maybe there is a Robson Acoustic Guitar perfect for you!!